Over 450 pupils from Kingswood went out into the wider Makhanda community on the 14th of March to make a difference.

Kingswood College enjoyed their termly Make a Difference Day on the 14th of March, when the entire Senior School as well as some of the Junior School headed out into our local community.

Our choir read to, played and sang with the children the Lebone Centre. The band played at McKaizers Old Age Home. There were river clean-ups, street clean-ups and clean-ups at the Community Library and the Association for People with Physical Disabilities (APD). Almost 100 pupils read and played games with the Grade 3s at George Dickerson. Food was made for the elderly and vulnerable children. Some pupils pampered elderly residents. There were cricket clinics and netball clinics held and time was spent walking and playing with the animals at the SPCA.

“Everyone can experience the joy and blessing of generosity; because everyone has something to give” – Jan Grace. Well done and thank you to all our Kingswood pupils and staff for giving back to our community.