The Power of Partnerships

At Kingswood, we believe there is a moral duty for those who have the most, to do the most – to connect with broader communities, locally and nationally, to seek partnerships and opportunities to make significant differences in the lives of others. And we do this, not to perpetuate our own comfortable and privileged existence here at Kingswood, but because it is simply the right thing to do.

We have two arms in our engagement journey, the community engagement activities carried out by the pupils of Kingswood, and the partnerships we nourish to extend those, and deepen our own social responsibility and reach.

Should anyone wish to partner with us in supporting these initiatives financially, please email the Foundation Office on

Community Engagement:

Click here to get an idea of our pupil-driven community engagement initiatives and the role of the Lebone Centre, established in 2005, as Kingswood College’s flagship community engagement programme.

Nal’Ithuba Trust

The Xhosa word nalithuba means ‘here is an opportunity’.

Nal’Ithuba Trust was established in 2006 to focus on raising funds to empower two beneficiaries: Firstly, the ICDP Trust (Integrated Community Development Programme / Lebone Centre) and, secondly, Kingswood College itself specifically to support the education and training of black pupils and staff at Kingswood.

The Nal’Ithuba Trust was formed to open the doors to donors of Kingswood, to engage in Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) transactions on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), for the benefit of transformation within the Kingswood Community.

We invite donors to consider partnering with us to grow the Nal’Ithuba share portfolio with us. If you are interested, please email the Foundation Office on

Nal’Ithuba Trust Committee:

  • Anthony Evan Lorimer Dold (Chairperson of the Trust)
  • Ziphozile Daniel Siwa
  • Diana Scot Hornby
  • Veronica Israel
  • Kesentri Govender