Kristina is a diligent young lady who shows great tenacity towards her studies.  She always strives to understand every concept and to produce outstanding results.  Kristina is a perfectionist and cannot bring herself to submit assignments where the work is not up to her high standards.  She has been described by her teachers as a “very hard worker and a delight to teach.”

Kristina always goes above the requirements of every task, she is a critical thinker and she is also well informed about the current events which all feed in to her excellent work ethic.  She reflects on concepts until she is able to gain a deeper understanding of them; which is testament to her discipline and determination to succeed.  It is clear from her achievements that she displays good academic rigour.

Kristina is always determined to give of her best. She displays an assertive and yet conscientious approach to her academics. She goes about her work in a quiet but insightful manner and is self-motivated and thorough in her approach to her academics.

Kristina is certainly a role model to her peers in her work ethic and determination and has fulfilled the requirements to be awarded Honours for Academics.