The teaching spaces at the Kingswood Junior School are undergoing a metamorphosis in this, its 125th jubilee year. In an ever-changing world, schools cannot rely solely on traditional classroom spaces as a means to facilitate teaching. To this end, our Junior School has undertaken to move with the times!

Pupils thrive in spaces which allow for engagement and collaboration not only on a peer-to-peer basis, but also with their teachers.
The classrooms are being opened up to allow for collaborative learning between classes and other grades as well as to provide a means more easily to access the gardens in order to provide teachers with possibilities for outside teaching and learning.

The Grade 2 and Grade 4 classrooms have been the first to pilot these new changes, with these classes being stocked with new -styled furniture and additions like the Write-on-Wipe-off desktops on workspaces. These new workspaces allow Kingswood pupils to scribble ideas and doodle on their desks, and to be able able to wipe it off at a later stage. Pupils are also encouraged to choose their learning space for each lesson. They can choose to work at a standing desk, to work in groups or individually, to sit on beanbags and/or to work on a lap tray.

Over the course of the year, the remainder of the Junior School classrooms will be renovated. These spaces will be bright, engaging and fun to be in and the school hopes that they will provide a platform for our pupils to be creative, to be curious and it is hoped that the pupils will be inspired to become life-long learners.