Amy has represented the Kingswood 1st Hockey side for a staggering 101 matches and has always possessed natural ability and feel for the ball. Amy has been an important part of Kingswood sport for approximately 4 years now and provides a vivid picture through clear action of what a positive attitude, passion and the growth practice provides to her fellow peers.

Consistent practice and hard work, representing her school with deep passion, humility and the proverbial team player has set Amy apart and allowed her to be recognised for higher honours representing Eastern Province throughout all her school years. Amy has scored a staggering 42 goals in 36 matches played by Kingswood this season proving her value to every team she represents.

Amy possesses a natural relationship with the ball, great 1 v 1 skills, a powerful fore – and back-hand shot, aggressive competitive drive and a deep love for activity, making her a player that can instinctively react to any given moment on the field.

As a team member Amy loves a good banter session and always drives her friends to better performance, providing great insight in pressure games. She provides great energy and fun to the group.

It is with great pride that we award Amy Mills with Honours for Hockey.