The excitement and energy was palpable last Sunday as our Grade 11s set off for their much anticipated “Leadership Camp”.

This annual camp sees our Grade 11 pupils push outside their comfort zones to discover the leadership qualities that each of them possess. This camp is held at Forest Glade in the Elands River Valley near Jeffrey’s Bay.

Upon arrival our pupils were randomly put into groups after which they made their way to the camp site. En-route to camp they had to find various items that were strategically hidden which would later on become important assets for their stay. They were only given a map of the area and an instructor, who deliberately never interferes with the groups’ decision making. The groups had to find various items on their way   to the camp which they had to find in their groups -which although was challenging – developed relationships within the groups.

As the camp unfolded, they engaged in many fun but challenging activities, early morning fitness, talks as well as discussions. We watched as the grade bonded and relationships were built a group with innovative minds, budding leaders and a great bunch of youthful beings!  

The aim of this leadership camp is to provide our pupils with an opportunity to bond as a Grade 11 group. The camp provides a space where our pupils can discuss and action plan as regards certain changes that they, as the 2020 leadership group would like to bring about in their respective houses in particular, and school in general.

We look forward to seeing what the 2020 leadership team will bring to our great school in the forthcoming year.