The purpose of the Dads & Daughters Weekend has been specially designed to create space for Dads (or a significant father figure) to spend time with their daughter, strengthen relationships and learn new things.

Two weekends ago, fifteen 11-12-year-old girls and their dads spent time together at Boknes for our second Dad’s and Daughters Weekend.

There were games and activities, a beach hike (which included a blessing of their daughter) and a few sessions together and separately covering things like puberty, teenage myth busters, how to really love your daughter well, our walk with Jesus, parenting tips and feedback on how well the dads are doing.

The dads even taught their daughters how to change a tyre and wire a plug! The dads took care of a braai one evening and the daughters made breakfast one morning.

Memories were created and bonds were strengthened. A huge thank you to Miss Makoni, Skye and Taryn who helped Rev Tim facilitate this special weekend.

This what the Dads had to say…

Rev Tim, it is not an over exaggeration to say this past weekend was potentially a life-changing experience for me in my life, going forward. It is pretty obvious that my role as a Dad would have been a lot different – for all the good reasons – had I had similar experiences with my two elder daughters who also went to Kingswood some 10 and 11 years ago. Without a doubt.

What is more, this experience will not only impact positively on my relationship with Sethunya going forward, but with my other kids (who are all daughters), my wife and my entire family life. Thanks Rev for organizing and conducting this camp. You’re truly special, and an asset to our school.

For those dads who live outside SA, please don’t miss this opportunity when your chance comes up. If you can send them there to get a good education, you surely can travel there to go and have just one weekend that will definitely have such a huge, positive impact in their lives.

Martin Makgatlhe

“What an awesome weekend, reminding us what vital roles we play in the lives of our daughters. Also, great to meet and get to know the other dads

Barry Mildenhall

For the future dads and daughter’s campers out there: don’t miss this weekend for the world. One of the best weekends I have spent with my daughter.

Dassie de Villiers

I cannot overemphasize the importance of one-on-one quality time with your daughter. Do you know her best friend? Her biggest disappointment in the last six months? Do you know her wishes? My guess is that you are likely not to be entirely on the same page with her on these issues, and that is why the camp is so important. It’s not just a weekend thing, but a milestone towards a much more meaningful relationship with her. You will definitely have a much deeper empathy for her feelings; get a chance to feel what she feels. You cannot go wrong with the camp!

Hleze Kunju

If you think you got fatherhood with your daughter covered, think again. Do not miss this opportunity to connect with your daughter her friends and other dads.

Chris Hobson

What an amazing weekend spent with my daughter and fellow Dads. Thank you to Rev Tim for the interesting topics discussed and the fun activities and games we played as a group. Definitely a weekend worth attending.

Vernon Putzier

A weekend that will open your heart to the basic simple needs of father and daughter. Re-inventing and understanding your own need and craving for the simple hassle-free life. Laughing and smiling with no pressure at all. You will leave smiling and full of hope for the future.

Anton Schonken

I truly saw my daughter in all her strength, her vulnerability, her stature. I saw the young lady who she would become and I realized how important I was in all that.

Javier Martin

I wasn’t sure what to expect but Tim and his team made the whole weekend super fun. I found it great to be able to focus solely on my relationship with my daughter and to bring Christ into the centre of it.

Rory Jones

This was a fantastic weekend to get to spend quality time with my daughter, discover more about her and definitely strengthened our bond and understanding of each other. It was also a great fun and good camaraderie in meeting Holly’s friends and their Dad’s. Can highly recommend!

Glenn Elliott

I’ve been twice, one to go, and wouldn’t miss it for the world. I got to bond with my daughter and had fellowship with like-minded fathers.

Greg Brown

Being married, most issues regarding daughters growing up and developing is left to mothers. After the weekend Dads will be more equipped to chat and understand their daughter’s needs.

Richard Armstrong