Kingswood College hosted this year’s National Co-eds Water Polo as part of there Jubilee 125 year. The top Water Polo schools from all over the country travelled to Grahamstown(Makanda) to participate at this great showcase of Water Polo for 1st Boys and Girls Water Polo players being put through their paces with 18 Boys and 19 Girls schools. 

The sport of Water Polo is one of the toughest team sports that anybody can play.

There were 122 Water Polo matches played over three and a half days in the fantastic Kingswood College Aquatic Centre.

All the participating boys and girls teams were seeded after last years results and were put into four groups with boys playing 32 round robin matches and the Girls playing 36 round robin matches. After these matches  all the play offs matches were played ending up with Gold, Silver and Bronze medals awarded to the top three girls and boys teams.

The following Kingswood College Boys and Girls made the Tournament teams selected:

Boys –  Thomas Klopststra, Alex Brussow and Liam Lacey.

Girls –  Amy Mills and Olivia Walker.

The Winners of Medals Were:


  • 1st  Reddam Helderfontein: Gold Medal
  • 2nd Pearson High School: Silver Medal
  • 3rd  Stirling High School: Bronze


  • 1st Pearson High School : Gold
  • 2nd Westerford High School: Silver
  • 3rd Crawford Lonehill: Bronze

The school with the overall combined best performance winning the Dee Bowley Floating Trophy was Pearson High School. 

The Kingswood College Boys and Girls  results were as follows:

KC 1st Boys

  • vs Crawford Lonehill Won 6-4           
  • vs Reddam Helderfontein Drew 6-6
  • vs Hudson Park Won 12-1
  • vs Merrifield Won 14-3
  • vs Westerford Won 11-6 
  • vs Pearson   Lost 6-5(Penalty shootout)
  • vs Thomas More Won 5-1
  • vs  Alexander Road Won 6-4

Final position: 5th/18

KC 1st Girls

  • vs York Won 14-1
  • vs Reddam Invitational Won 20-0
  • vs Glenwood House Drew 3-3
  • vs Rand Park Won 6-2
  • vs Stirling Won 5-3
  • vs Westerford Lost 7-5
  • vs Crawford Lonehill Lost 7-6(Bronze medal)

Final position: 4th/19