Presented at the Academic Awards Assembly held on the 10th of October 2019

Talia is highly spoken of by her teachers. She is tenacious and never ever accepts things at face value but interrogates a topic until she completely and utterly understands it. She is extremely diligent, often requesting an extra lesson or two. She is gifted with immense patience when explaining work to others and is often found in a study group where she will be guiding, explaining and encouraging others to persevere. She is always well prepared for her lessons and her note taking while listening is brilliant.

Her innate hunger for knowledge alongside a passionate desire for academic rigour and excellence is reflected not only in her academic results, but in her wisdom as a caring and wise young lady. She has shown initiative and commitment and has certainly made a difference in the lives those she has been in contact with.

Talia is a perfectionist who works through minute details with a fine comb to ensure that she has completely mastered the concepts. The hard work coupled with exceptionally excellent presentation of work are unparalleled. She is relentless in her pursuit for a firm understanding even if it means asking the same question several times. She has really mastered the art of persistence. 

As a prolific reader Talia is the consummate student. Her intellectual curiosity combined with the acumen she applies to analysis and deconstruction of text is exemplary. Talia is searingly insightful and profoundly creative in articulation. She has an original mind and never compromises on her authentic engagement. 

Talia is a resilient and intelligent pupil who will stop at nothing short of her best in an assessment. With this focussed approach Talia is awarded Honours for Academics.