Eight of our athletes participated and gave a good account of themselves at the Makana CMC Athletics Championships on Saturday, 1 February.

They obtained the following results:

  • Dwayne Pharo (Boys, u17) was 1st in both 100m and 200m.
  • Shiloh Nyakutya (Boys, u15) was 2nd  in 100m
  • Munangi Kamuwendo (Boys, u14) was 1st in 100m
  • Devon Heyns (Girls,  u14) came 1st in 100m
  • Taryn Hurly (Girls, u15) came 2nd in both 800m and 1500m
  • Jessica Pautz (Girls, u17)  came 2nd in 100m
  • Nana Abebreseh (Girls, u17) came 3rd in 100m
  • Caitlin Wilmot (Girls, u19) finished 1st in 1500m and  2nd in the 800m