It is not often that one meets an extraordinary individual who puts the care and well-being of others before their own. A passionate honorary Kingswoodian. Dedicated. Hard-working. Kind. Caring. This is Dr Fred Oosthuizen.

At the annual OK Tie Ceremony Held yesterday, Dr Fred Oosthuizen was awarded an Honorary Life Vice-Presidency of the OK Club.

There is no doubt, that Dr. Fred is most deserving of such an award. It is hard to put into words the impact and influence that Dr. Fred has had not only on the Kingswood family and extended Kingswood community, but indeed, also the greater Makhanda community. Dr. Fred is the epitome of a passionate and proud Kingswoodian and as such, it is only fitting that he be awarded with the highest honour that the Old Kingswoodian Club can bestow on any individual.

Since Kingswood’s founding in 1894, only 33 recipients have been given this award and in this particular case, the decision was a unanimous one (which has not always been the case).

Dr. Fred started his service to Kingswood in 1986, 34 years ago. It is most fitting then, that Dr. Fred be named the 34th recipient of this award – kismet some would say. For 24 of his 34-year service to the school, he single-handedly ran his busy practice and gave the College uninterrupted service throughout those years. During this time, thousands of Kingswoodians would have been treated or come into contact with this phenomenal man.

His daughter Lizle (OK 2001) and son Ricky (OK 1997) both attended Kingswood College and in 2009, Dr. Fred was also made an Honorary Old Kingswoodian for his commitment and service to the school. If you know Dr. Fred, or have ever had the pleasure of talking to him, you would know that he is passionate about sport and that he has a keen interest in exercise and sports medicine. To this end, Dr. Fred obtained a Master’s Degree in Sports Medicine from the University of the Free State. His knowledge and passion for sports medicine has been a huge asset to Kingswood College, and he has spent many a Saturday alongside the rugby field to help when needed, but more importantly to support our players and our school.

What many of you do not know, is that Dr. Oosthuizen has also been contracted to the EP Kings as a stadium doctor, and sometimes, if you look really carefully on your screen, Dr. Fred can be spotted assisting players at various levels, both national and international.

Dr. Fred also takes part in Karateka and CrossFit and is a force to be reckoned with in both of these spheres. It would be remiss of us to not thank Mrs. Carol Oosthuizen, Dr. Fred’s wife, and his children for sharing their husband and father with us. The mark that Dr. Fred has left on our lives is in indelible one – one that has influenced and impacted so many of us.

As Mr. Richard Gaybba (Old Kingswoodian Club Vice-President) said during his citation at the ceremony: “Through you and because of you, the golden thread of Kingswood runs through so many of us. Dr. Oosthuizen, your legacy was and will always be felt within our community and for generations still to come. Thank you for your dedication and service to Kingswood and our community”.

Dr. Oosthuizen walking down the Jubilee Pathway at the At the annual 2020 Matric Leaver OK Tie Ceremony

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