Our world of magic and wonder is coming to you…

With classes set to resume on Wednesday 29 April, our Kingswood Pre-Primary Head Mrs Bridgett Wilmot, shared her Term 2 welcome with all the pre-primary parents today.

Please click through to the link below to read the full letter here…

Some of the things you will find inside…

  1. Information on how classes will work from Wednesday
  2. Video messages from the Pre-Primary Head, Mrs Bridgett Wilmot, Junior Head Mr James Hough and College Head
  3. “Supporting self-regulated learning using sensory strategies” and some tips to get started by Ghida Bernard (our Learning Support Specialist at Kingswood)
  4. A message from Teresa Yell (School Psychologist) on helping our youngest Kingswoodians getting through the day
  5. A list of resources and some fun ideas to do with your child at home!

We will keep you informed of all government regulations with regards to education and the changes that will take place during the course of Term Two. What is clear, is that schools will not be open for “normal” classroom teaching in April and the early part of May, hence the decision to resume our term with online learning.

There is every likelihood that schools will be able to open again at some stage during the course of the second term – albeit under strict regulations. However, some of our children may still not be able to travel and will need to continue their learning at home. As a result, we will be preparing our lessons for both face-to-face classroom teaching and online learning, where the lessons are recorded and shared with those who can’t be in class or shared live.