Generations of Kingswoodians came together for a day of celebrations at Grandparents Day on Friday.

Droves of little faces lit up on Friday, as each child looked into the crowd for their beloved grandparents. The morning started at Kingswood Pre-Primary, where despite the unrelenting rain, the children performed some beautiful pieces. The grandparents were then treated to a delicious tea, and invited into the classrooms with their little ones, where they showed off what they have been up to in class this term.

Next up was a performance in the Chapel, where the Junior School showcased their many talents. The performances included choral verses, individual poems, choir pieces, individual instrument performances and class songs. The grandparents then came together for tea and eats in the Foundation Hall, and visited the classes to see what their grandchildren are up to at school.

Amongst the visiting grandparents were a number of Old Kingswoodians and ex-staff members. It was heartwarming to see the pride in their faces as they walked hand in hand with their grandchildren. Whilst many things at Kingswood have changed since their time as school children, there are also many things that have stayed the same. It is comforting to know that these legacies continue to live on. We are incredibly proud of the tapestry of our school, which is made more beautiful by Kingswood’s golden thread, weaving its way through the generations.