“…To the world you are a mother. To your family you are the world…”

Today we stop to recognise and celebrate our mothers and mother figures in our lives. We know that there are many ways of being a mom, and they do not all begin and end with biology.

We know that you, at present, find yourselves in a position where more than ever you are being called on to be so many things to your families. You constantly have to juggle being a mom, being a wife, being a partner, being a friend and colleague, just to name a few.

We would like to remind you that you are serious superwomen in our lives. It may not always feel like it, but your families know that you are doing the best that you can, with what you can – right now.

We would also like to acknowledge the aunts, the sisters, the family friends and our teachers, support staff and matrons who assume various roles of motherhood in respect of our pupils and we would like to thank them also today for the role that each of them play.

This year, unlike other years, will, for many of you be the first year in a while that you are able to spend the day with your children. We hope that is a special day, and that you can switch off from all that is going on in the world, to stop and reflect on the now, and savour this time and this day with your loved ones.

And remember, not all superheroes wear capes, and on this Mother’s Day it is totally acceptable to wear pyjamas all day…