The Music School is such an integral part of what we are able to offer to our pupils at Kingswood College, and as a result, we have decided to start #MusicMonday to showcase the diverse talents of our Music School pupils!

The department has entered is 9th week of online lessons this week as such we think it would be a good time to stop, reflect and think back to when this all began.

With so much unknown when we entered lockdown, the Music School, perhaps more so than other departments found online learning an even more challenging sphere to enter as not all of their pupils had been able to return home with instruments. However, plans were made to assist these individuals and despite a number of technological obstacles, our teachers and pupils alike have embraced and challenged not only themselves, but also each other.

For this week’s Music Monday we are showcasing Stuart. Stuart is a Grade 8 subject music pupil, a bumper first trumpet in the Kingswood College Concert band and is currently working through the Trinity London Grade 4 syllabus. Stuart is an incredibly hardworking student with loads of natural talent.

We touched base with Stuart to see how he has found the online music teaching experience and here is what he had to say: “I have found online music lessons to be great, it was super to be able to continue with music during these difficult times. Every week I look forward to my online music lesson with Ms Coleman. I always feel happy and energized after our lessons”.

Ms Coleman had the following to say about Stuart’s musical submission: “What I loved about this video is that Stuart looks so relaxed in his big chair and that he really makes it all look so easy.