Lending a helping hand..

Since our Grade 11s have been back on campus they have been keeping themselves very busy, not only with work and outdoor activities but also with learning new skills and challenging not only themselves to make a small difference.

Over the last two weeks, they have gotten together as a group to make masks that will be donated to the RUCE (Rhodes University Community Engagement) Mask Drive.

The RUCE put out a challenge to the Makhanda community to help them make 1000 masks for pupils aged between 2 -6 who are returning to school.

In Makhanda we have over 70 Early Childhood Development Centres that fall outside of the scope that will receive PPE from Government.

As a school we would like to help protect these children in some small way and hopefully make a small difference.

Our Grade 11s would like to challenge the rest of our Kingswood community to get involved and to make masks for children who do not have access to masks. We have completed just over 25 completed masks and hope to continue to build on this number.

If you would like to get involved and make some masks for these little children – follow the link to a YouTube tutorial on how to make one: https://bit.ly/3egjuKW