Once you are a part of Kingswood, Kingswood will always be a part of you.

Old Kingswoodian, Stuart Donnachie (’97) wrote to us about a painting he had commissioned for his mom, Sr Val Donnachie (Bursey) of the Sanatorium at Kingswood College recently:

“At the end of August 1994 my mom took on the role of San Sister at Kingswood College. It was a privilege for both my brother Bruce (OK 01) and myself (OK 97) to attend Kingswood and to live on the campus. Mom is one of the most caring and beautiful people you will ever have the pleasure of knowing.

Coupled with her skills as a nurse, this made her a valuable fiber in the fabric of Kingswood at the time, with many still messaging me to send her their love and pass on well wishes.

She has incredibly fond memories of the school and all the people and experiences she came across until she departed in April 2003 to head up the Rhodes University San. It is this love of KC that prompted me, after seeing a painting that was brought to my attention by Eva Junkin (thank you Eva), to get her a little slice of Kingswood in her own home here in Australia.

We commissioned an artwork off of the wonderfully talented Mr Mike Ginn who currently resides in Stones Corner just outside of Grahamstown. He painted the san exactly as we remember it without any additional/new work done to the building.

With the pandemic then hitting, the ability to get it over to Australia was a bit trying but we succeeded in the end and finally presented it to my mom last weekend! She is absolutely thrilled with it as we knew she would be, and will no doubt find a very special place for it to hang up in Toowoomba. It will keep reminding her of all those times she laughed out loud…

In turn it will remind her of the countless nights she lay awake worrying of the sick pupil’s downstairs and getting up at all hours to check on them. It’s in her nature and this will never change…

It will remind her of the phenomenal community that is Kingswood College. With those thoughts fresh in her mind after looking at it hanging on the wall, I have every confidence that she will smile to herself, as she picks up the phone to give me a call for more IT support because the laptop can’t connect to the printer anymore…”

Kingswood really is so much more than a place.

It is home to those who spend time here, to those who work and learn here, and we hope that fond memories of Kingswood follow all who leave its gates.