“…I hope your dreams take you…
To the corners of your smiles,
To the highest of your hopes,
To the windows of your opportunities, and the most special places
your heart has ever known…”

This morning, for the first time ever, our little Grade R pupils held a Graduation Ceremony to mark their move from Kingswood Pre-Primary to the Junior School.

This was such a momentous occasion for these little people, and it marks the end of a chapter, but at the same time the start of new chapter, with many memories to make and blank pages to fill.

It has not been the easiest of years for these little people, and they have adapted to all the change so well. We really and truly are so very proud of these Kingswoodians.

Today also marked the end Mrs Jill Long, our Grade R teachers time at Kingswood, so it was especially special to start this tradition while she is still with us.

See the full article about Mrs Long here.

As to our Grade Rs? Kingswood Junior here they come…