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Join Kelly Bentley, CEO & Founder of The Rebel Element in this sure-to-be inspirational talk for the Leadership Institute on finding opportunities in a crisis. To attend, all you need to do is register and join us online – it’s completely FREE.

Monday, 29 March 2021 at 19h00 (CAT / GMT +2). Click here to register.

With Crisis Comes Opportunity, But Only If You Own It

Presenter: Kelly Bentley, CEO & Founder of The Rebel Element

Life was good. Young, wild and carefree some may say (just like many of you) – brought up in Zim on the Zambezi River, a Global Executive, earning 6 figures monthly, married to the man of my dreams, with all my family and friends happy and healthy around me.

On the 2nd September 2019 that all changed, a new chapter in my book of life started and let’s just say the irony of courage is, you never quite know how much you have until it’s tested.

In the space of 12-months I lost my mum, my grandfather, my job, then my business, then all our savings and then I got sick. Consciously or unconsciously, I played a role in all of it and what I was certain of, was how I decided to show up for each piece of it would not only have an impact on my personal growth but also my legacy and contribution to this chaotic, but beautiful world we find ourselves in.

Each crisis presented an opportunity, the question was only whether I’d choose to rise to it or fall victim to it.

What will I learn?

  • Own your consequence, or it will own you
  • A third party will never be as invested in your physical and mental health as you are or can be
  • Play your part, one reshare can save a life, you have that power
  • Know your values and don’t be shy to stick to them, it’s the new ‘in’ thing

About the speaker:

Kelly Bentley is the founder and CEO of The Rebel Element, a stakeholder engagement consultancy. Kelly is custodian of the company vision & growth with a focus on partnerships and the organisation’s unique stakeholder-centric engagement model. Passionate about building businesses, Kelly focuses on the human element and specialises in building awareness, collaboration, and trust to safeguard long-term loyalty and sustainable business growth.

Kelly has worked in tech-focused sales and marketing across the USA, Europe and Africa for over 15 years, in B2B agencies, a successful co-owned event agency and on the other side in corporate marketing focusing on direct and channel. A speaker and new to blogging, Kelly has built impressive B2B networking platforms and successfully engaged with senior stakeholders across the globe on behalf of leading technology brands including Microsoft, Dimension Data (NTT), IBM and Zebra Technologies among others.

Kelly has built her business and relationships around a few key values including courage, empathy, authenticity, reliability, innovation, observation and environment-conscious leadership.

A Zimbabwean born farming gal; Kelly is most at home on the Zambezi river with a fishing rod in hand.

Monday, 29 March 2021 at 19h00 (CAT / GMT +2). Click here to register.