18 of our pupils received their DELF (Diplôme d’Etudes en Langue Française) diploma which is internationally recognised, and awarded by the French Ministry of Education to certify candidates’ proficiency in French.

Most of the IEB role play and oral titles are taken from the DELF which comes in 4 Levels. Levels A1 and A2 are generally done by Grades 8 to 12. Levels B1 are usually done at university or tertiary level.

Kingswood College has embraced the DELF challenge in the past three years with 16 pupils writing and achieving either the A1 or the A2 diploma in 2018. In addition to that, seven pupils sat for and achieved the B1 diploma, a first for schools in the Eastern Cape.

In 2019, 12 Kingswood College pupils wrote the A1 while 3 sat for the A2, all achieving brilliant results. Congratulations!

A1 Diplomas (see main banner photo)

  • Tobi Kallaghe
  • Enitame Kgosiemang
  • Austine Kobalyenda
  • Anna-Leigh Mackay
  • Ashley Masenya
  • Didintle Masie
  •  Charlotte Moshoke
  • Ndio Mpugwa
  • Olerato Pabablinga
  • Sebeo Ralebala
  • Bonolo Segolodi

A2 Diploma

  • Rebecca Crook
  • Atang Gabaraane
  • Realeboha Kao
Delf Awards A2 Award Winners