“…Innovation is taking two things that exist and putting them together in a new way…

Inspired by the UN’s World Creativity and Innovation Day that was celebrated in April our Junior School hosted a Science, Creativity and Technology Day yesterday.

Encouraging our pupils to think of creative solutions in the classroom and beyond is one of the things that we continuously strive to develop and nurture at Kingswood and having a day dedicated to it across the school proved to be the extra inspiration for our pupils needed to push their own limits.

Each grade approached the day undertaking varying activities that put emphasis on out the box thinking that challenged our pupils to harness the skills they have learned in their school career so far.

Our Grade 1s had to find a way to make their own “grabbers”. They were challenged to use different materials for their pincer grip which would allow them to pick up various objects.

Our Grade 2s took on various Lego building challenges on the day. There were bridges, houses, boats, their own names, and much more built with precision!

The Junior School Head, Mr. Hough also put out a challenge to our juniors to build a structure with only ten pieces of paper that could hold a heavy book.

It was so exciting to see our little Kingswoodians working together to create their structures and 3 of our groups succeeded in creating a structure strong enough – well done.

Our Grade 3s had to build catapults using sucker sticks and elastics and enjoyed launching colourful pom poms around the classroom.

We strongly believe that by encouraging critical thinking and a problem-solving approach, our pupils will be equipped with the necessary skills to take with them once they leave school.