Last Wednesday, our Junior School hosted our Term 2 Interhouse General Knowledge Quiz for Grade 6s and 7s.

There was a buzz in the hall with great excitement and healthy competition between all the teams. It was a phenomenal evening and our pupils were kept engaged with the different categories and formats of questions. A big thanks to Mr. Timm for all the time and effort put into making it such a success.

The results were as follows:

  • 4th – Tarr
  • 3rd – Slater
  • 2nd – Rich
  • 1st – Dacam

Individual Results

  • 3rd – Megan Fletcher, Kelly Brown, Emma Pruissen, Kate Wilson (31/48)
  • 2nd – Erin Taggart, Tyler Hillier, Nina Connan, Charl du Toit, James Miles (33/48)
  • 1st – Alyssa Govender and Bronwyn Shone (34/48)