As part of the Enrichment program for Term 2, a number of pupils took part in the Act Out workshop, facilitated by Reckless Haven Productions.

This workshop focuses on performance skills and tips for entering the entertainment industry in South Africa.

“During this course the student will participate in numerous exercises to discover his/her ‘inner actor’ and to develop his ‘instrument’ namely his/her voice and body to meet the demands of the performing arts insofar as emotions, techniques and physicality is concerned.

These training courses are aimed at both beginners and established actors who would like to gain valid acting principals and usable techniques which could successfully be applied to Theater, Film, Television, Commercials and Public Speaking. We believe that knowledge that cannot be put into practice is useless information. In our workshops students will have ample opportunities to showcase their skills and further their development through discerning advice and constructive criticism.”Reckless Haven Productions

The pupils spent Saturday morning completing the first of the four-part sessions, and it was great to see them all engaging and having so much fun! We look forward to hosting the next of these very beneficial sessions later in the term.