We chatted to our Head of Senior Academic, Ms Tracy van Molendorff last week to find out how this term has unfolded in the digital space. While heading into an online examination period did not come without its challenges, Kingswood has never backed down from a challenge.

With our dedicated grade heads, teachers and our committed pupils we were able to navigate this very different examination period. With the help of online exam software, we were even able to continue with examination assessments. Pupils were monitored in two ways: both via video conference and through the online exam portal that monitors any irregularities.

The two systems were monitored by both an invigilator and the grade head. Despite connection delays and some teething issues here and there, it was fantastic to be able to go ahead with the exams. We are very grateful that we have been able to put in place a system which will give us rigorous assessment and fair results.

Our teachers, pupils and even our parents and guardians can be commended for their assistance and support of this journey.

One thing is certain, online learning should never replace the real thing, however, we are grateful that we have been able to equip our pupils with the necessary digital and life skills to be able to tackle this ever-changing educational landscape.