“…All powers are within you, you can do anything and everything…”

Last year for Women’s Month we profiled a number of Old Kingswoodian women throughout the month.

We profiled their accomplishments and celebrated their successes. This year we decided to have our current young Kingswoodian women share messages of encouragement, support and advice with their peers and the wider Kingswood community.

It is hard to comprehend that we still need to set aside one day a year to acknowledge and bring awareness to women’s issues. Every day should be a day where all people of different genders, races, ethnicity and cultures can feel like they are valued, respected and heard.

Wanda Madasa

We kick off our first message of this series by sharing the video of Wanda Madasa, our 2021 Matric Pupil and we heed her call for us all to be “unapologetically [your]selves”

Leah Jonas

Leah’s inspirational message to young women and girls this month is that they should continue to challenge the status quo and to stand up and know that their voice is important and worthy of being heard.“My message to you is to shout even louder, because in your hour there is power…”

Azola Poswa

Azola Poswa is our Deputy Head Girl for 2021. Azola urges us to take time to pause and reflect on the female figures who have helped to shape and mould us. Azola’s message to her female counterparts is: “For future generations, be yourself and don’t let anyone [define] your character”.

Teagan Repinz

The message which Teagan shares with our Kingswood pupils and larger community is one that can be applied to us all, regardless of our gender, race or culture.

We are our own toughest critics. There is so much ‘noise’ which surrounds us every day, as our access to technology opens us all up to an influx of information which tries to tell us who and what we should be. Teagan’s message is an important one as she urges us all to accept, love and celebrate ourselves.

Didintle Masie

Didintle Masie urges us to “rise above” the challenges and roadblocks that may come your way.