The prizes awarded at Awards Ceremonies that are held each term form part of the formal recognition of pupil achievement at Kingswood College. This award was awarded on the 7th of October 2021 at the Academic Awards Ceremony and reflects the results from the 2021 Second Term.

Academic Honours can only be achieved during the examination terms of Grade 11 and 12 and a total of 580 marks (an 83% mark average) must be achieved. This is a phenomenal achievement and we would like to congratulate Catherine on getting her Honours for Academics.

Catherine’s academic tenacity has always been clear in all she does.  She ensures that connections are made when learning new material by thorough interrogation and works consistently until she is satisfied that she understands concepts.  She has a rigorous intellect, which is balanced by a definitive creative streak that shows itself most clearly in her writing and performances.  She never hesitates to challenge herself and leave her comfort zone in order to improve her learning experience.

Catherine relentlessly seeks answer and knowledge, yet always finds time to assist her peers and put humour and enthusiasm into her classroom interactions.  Catherine never hesitates to ask the tough questions in order to fully maximise her learning and achievement across all forms of assessments.  She does not settle for anything other than excellence in every sphere of her life.  She is pragmatic in approach and especially creative in her expression.  She is a good example of an individual who never fails to give their best.  Catherine shows unequivocal diligence and maturity. 

Catherine’s consistent hard work, resilience and intelligent approach to her academics has certainly paid off.  Having fulfilled the requirements, and in acknowledgement to Catherine’s academics, she is awarded Honours for Academics.

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