On Saturday, College Head, Mr Leon Grové joined various stakeholders at the Makhanda Education Summit, to celebrate the strides made in achieving the goal of turning our city into the education hub of South Africa, from Early Childhood Development to Tertiary.

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In 2013, a team of educators, spearheaded by Rhodes University’s Vice-Chancellor Professor Sizwe Mabizela, set out to turn the tide on Makhanda’s education system, after ranking as the 10th worst performing educational district in South Africa.

On the 27th of January, Kingswood College Head, Mr Leon Grové joined other educators, NGOs and civil society organisations to celebrate the progress made – and look to future plans for making Makhanda a “world-class education hub”.

Prof Mabizela made mention of various strides that have been made thus far. Perhaps most notably, he commented that in 2012, only 12 young people from Makhanda were enrolled as first years at Rhodes University. Today, there are in excess of 164 young people registered from Makhanda. This phenomenal growth is largely due to the collaboration between these stakeholders.

Kingswood is proud to be partnered with Rhodes, educators, NGOs and civil society organisations working towards such an important goal.