The prizes awarded at Awards Ceremonies that are held each term form part of the formal recognition of pupil achievement at Kingswood College. This award was awarded on the 7th of October 2021 at the Academic Awards Ceremony and reflects the results from the 2021 Second Term.

Academic Honours can only be achieved during the examination terms of Grade 11 and 12 and a total of 580 marks (an 83% mark average) must be achieved. This is a phenomenal achievement and we would like to congratulate Luke on getting his Honours for Academics.

Luke displays a natural intellectual ability that shines through in everything he does.  He consolidates this ability with a wonderful work ethic and does not hesitate to work independently to create a deeper understanding of the content covered in class.  He is a confident student and never fails to reach the goals he sets for himself.

Luke’s meticulous attention to detail and academic persistence serves him well in the learning process.  Luke demonstrates great tenacity and is always conscientious and disciplined in his approach.  He is able to integrate different sections of work and communicates his understanding in a logical fashion.  He also demonstrates a positive attitude in the classroom and approaches every new opportunity with enthusiasm.

Luke is a dedicated and self-disciplined scholar.  He never fails to ensure that he fully grasps all material presented to him.  Luke consistently applies himself to the highest level and his personal motivation to achieve is praiseworthy.

Luke’s teachers are all impressed by his diligence and perseverance.  Having fulfilled the requirements, and in acknowledgement to Luke’s academics, he is awarded Honours for Academics.

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