To our pupils, to our parents, to our community. 

Allegations have been made, voices have been heard. 

The school has been facilitating talks with all pupils, staff, concerned parents, and have worked tirelessly the past few days to ensure that we do this right. Not for Kingswood, but for our pupils. 

In the last few days, racism has been a topic of conversation in the Kingswood College community, particularly in the boarding houses and in the classrooms.

We acknowledge the pain and hurt felt by some members of our school, and by some of the broader Kingswood College community, but we also feel that social media is not the platform from which to deal with these issues.

As such we ask that anyone who would like to engage with us to please contact the College directly. We welcome you. But hope you will understand the potential destructive power of social media as a platform for meaningful ongoing conversations. 

We have faith in the process we have followed and we are encouraging our pupils to continue to talk to us directly as such this is an ongoing discussion.

Official Statement

Statement from College Head