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MUSICNEWS Concert in the Dark 2021

Kingswood hosts annual Concert in the Dark

A challenge of our senses to raise awareness for those with no (or a limited) sense of sight. Nineteen musicians (including ten pupils) presented a programme for the Concert in the Dark on Friday evening, with most of them performing in more than one item.


Kingswood Concert Series Kicks Off with Combined Concert

The very first event of the new ‘Kingswood Concert Series’ initiative was held last Thursday evening at the Wyvern Club. The concept behind this is for musicians from Kingswood, St Andrew’s and DSG to get together to share their common interest – the love of music and of playing an instrument.


Summer Sunset Concert on Lords

The Summer Sunset Concert on Lords on Saturday afternoon was by all accounts a great success! The participants, all 110 of them, enjoyed providing the music. The programme included the String Ensemble, First Band, Concert Band, Saxonettes and six Marimba Groups. It was all about giving everyone an opportunity to perform after such a long time.


First Band Leaders For 2021 Elected

This band has grown and evolved over the years and is very involved in various concerts in and around the school. Erin and Emily were recently elected as the 2021 First Band Leaders and we look forward to seeing them take the band to new heights this year.


Third Term Strings Concert

There is something quite special about music – the fact that players of all ages and abilities can combine to perform. For today’s #MusicMonday we would like to share some photographs from our Strings Concert which took place on Thursday 5 November.


2020 Subject Music Performance Class

Our second Subject Music Performance Class was held recently on the 29 October. It was another good concert with some excellent performances by our musicians on a varied range of instruments including violin, flute, clarinet, French horn, trumpet, drum kit, xylophone and piano.


2021 Concert Band Leaders Announced

Last week Thursday our annual Music Dinner was held at the Wyvern. AT the dinner, Neliswa Ntintili and Lathi Stamper were announced as the Band Leaders for 2021. Congratulations!


#MusicMonday Tonara Music App Winners

[VIDEO] The quiet corridors Music School corridors are no more and the empty practise rooms and auditorium are slowly but surely coming back to life. The Kingswood Music School is officially open for business once more!


And they played on

South Africa has recently passed 100 days of lockdown and the end of the road is by no means visible. A new journey can be daunting and challenging, yet fun and rewarding. And so it had been for the members of the Music School, both teachers and pupils.