The prizes awarded at Awards Ceremonies that are held each term form part of the formal recognition of pupil achievement at Kingswood College. This award was awarded on the 8th of February 2021 at the Academic Awards Ceremony and reflects the results from the 2020 Third Term.

Academic Honours can only be achieved during the examination terms of Grade 11 and 12 and a total of 580 marks (an 83% mark average) must be achieved. This is a phenomenal achievement and we would like to congratulate Carla on getting his Honours Award for Academics.

Carla has approached all aspects of her life at Kingswood College with an exceptional level of diligence.  She is constantly engaged in her own learning and actively contributes to class discussions across various topic areas.  She is capable of a high level of analysis which she utilizes to conceptualize material mastered in the classroom into real-life situations.  Her work ethic is admirable and she is conscientious in continually asking the right questions to ensure that she approaches assessments more effectively.

Carla applies her self-motivation and organized nature to her learning in order to achieve the goals that she sets for herself.  She is tenacious in the pursuit of these goals and never allows herself to compromise on them.  Her work ethic is without reproach and she can often be found putting in extra time outside of the classroom to ensure she masters new concepts.  She is open to feedback and uses it to improve her learning.

Carla has an inquisitive nature, which she uses to closely examine new ideas and unfamiliar texts. She has a unique voice, which she uses to express her original and creative ideas, in both spoken discussions and written assessments.  Above all, Carla always maintains a positive and friendly attitude towards her own learning, as well as the learning of those around her.  She is empathetic towards others and this empathy further enhances her academic achievements.