Our very own Mr Kingswood, Buster Brotherton (OK 1949), reached an amazing milestone today – his 90th birthday. Buster needs no introduction to the Kingswood family having devoted a lifetime of loyal service to Kingswood.

It is hard to list all that he has done for the school but these extracts from his citation when awarded Kingswood’s highest honour, the Muirhead Founders Friend Award, bare testimony to this great man

  • Buster joined the College Council in 1979
  • Vice-Chairman of Council 1987- 1996
  • Chairman of the College Council March 1996-2002
  • President of the OK Club: 1983 – 1987
  • Buster is credited for his efforts in drafting the first Strategic Plan for the College
  • Buster’s name is synonymous with infrastructural improvements/developments which came as no surprise that after his resignation as Chairman of Council he became the Chairman of the Estate and Buildings Committee.
  • The College’s infrastructure grew in leaps and bounds during Buster’s service on Council:
    • Purchase of City Lords
    • School House revamp after the fire
    • The erection of the Parsonson Building
    • Purchase of Walton House (Current Music School) and the portion of Watermeyer Street
    • Converting two old garages into the Hepburn Building (IT and Grade 6 classrooms)
    • Building of a new shooting range (Where the current HPC stands)
    • Building of new OK squash courts
    • The redesign of the Van Vuuren Village complex
    • Building of Kirkby House
    • The revamping of the Hugh Stocks Swimming Pool complex
    • The redesign of City Lord’s rugby field and the laying of an Astro Turf
    • The building of the HPC (High-Performance Centre)
    • Construction of Heads residence at Dold Field
    • Rebuilding the Cohen Building
    • Improvements to many buildings – too numerous to mention all
    • Re-construction of Hobson House
  •  Numerous Senior School Headmasters served during Buster’s time on Council, totalling 7.
  • The School House fire probably stands out as one of the most traumatic and challenging issues that Buster had to deal with.  His vehicle was one of the first to arrive on campus the morning after the fire.   He was quoted afterwards at the reopening ceremony of School House:  “The College managed to convert a potential disaster into a huge opportunity.”
  • He was also responsible for the introduction of the Council Review Committee.

However, despite all the remarkable achievements listed above, Buster is known for being a humble and loyal supporter of Kingswood. He loved being on the KC campus watching sport, checking out the facilities and above all just being part of the KC family.