Stellenbosch University honours top actuarial sciences student, Bradley Moorcroft (OK 2016) who has been awarded the Chancellor’s Medal for 2021.

Congratulations to Old Kingswoodian, Bradley Moorcroft (OK 2016) for being awarded the University of Stellenbosch’s Chancellor’s Medal for 2021.

Bradley was Kingswood College Headboy and Dux Scholar in 2016. He also captained the 1st XI Hockey and 1st Water Polo team during his time at Kingswood College.

He completed his BCom Honours in Actuarial Science cum laude in December of 2021 and was, at this year’s graduation ceremony, awarded the Chancellor’s Medal in person.

Congratulations Bradley on these outstanding achievements! We are extremely proud of you and can’t wait to see what the next five years will hold…

Statement from the Stellenbosch University:

“The medal is awarded annually to a final-year or postgraduate student who has excelled academically, has contributed to campus life in various ways, and has worked hard at developing co-curricular attributes.

Over the last four years, Moorcroft passed all his subjects in his BCom and Honours (Actuarial Science) degrees with distinction, achieving 90%–99% in half of his modules. During his honour’s year, he was the top student and achieved the highest average mark in the past five years.

Furthermore, he reached the standard necessary to be recommended for exemptions from all the Actuarial Society of South Africa (ASSA) examinations available to date in his studies, which is a very rare achievement.

Commenting on his award, Moorcroft says: “There are so many exceptional final-year and postgraduate students who graduated in my cohort, and it is a big surprise and huge honour to be recognised in this way. This is the ‘cherry-on-top’ of a rewarding and enjoyable Stellenbosch chapter. 

“It was quite a challenge to balance my actuarial studies with other responsibilities during the Covid-19 period. So, I also view this award as recognition of the hours of commitment and hard work it took to navigate this journey.” 

Moorcroft adds that many people have supported him and contributed to his success. “I cannot take credit for this award alone. I am very grateful for the unfailing support and encouragement of those who have been closest to me through the ups and downs of the past four years.”