The full Pupil Leadership Team for 2023 has just been announced and were inducted this morning. We congratulate the following pupils:

Heads of School:

Head of School (Girl): Amy Hobson
Deputy Head of School (Girl): Pendi Nyonozi

Head of School (Boy): Azolile Mbanga
Deputy Head of School (Boy): Matthew Collett

School Prefects:

  • Head of Kirkby House: Kayleigh Mildenhall
  • Head of Jacques House: Cady Wales
  • Head of Wesley House: Ophola Bulani
  • Head of Wood House: Phikolomzi Petse
  • Head of Chubb House: Aidan Fletcher
  • Head of Jagger House: Amazing Vheriwa
  • Taryn Hurly
  • Kayleigh Smith
  • Jamie Lacey
  • Araya Boettiger
  • Kirstin Armstrong
  • Lilly Winstanley
  • Tadiwa Chikutiro
  • Stephen Aylesbury
  • Shiloh Nyakutya
  • Connor Sholto-Douglas
  • Stanley Muranganwa

We wish to once again congratulate the pupil leaders for 2023, but also to thank our outgoing pupil leaders for all they have done over the course of the year.