For his long and distinguished career in veterinary science, Henk Bertschinger (OK 1959) has been awarded a Gold Medal by the South African Veterinary Association (SAVA). 


Adapted from original South African Veterinary Association (SAVA) citation (source)


At the 11th South African Veterinary & Paraveterinary Congress, held on the 25-27 October 2022, Prof Bert Henk Bertschinger (OK 1959) was awarded with a gold medal for his work. 

Prof Henk Bertschinger (OK 1959) has had an illustrious career in veterinary research since qualifying BVSc in 1965, with postgraduate degrees based on research of Dr.Vet.Med Zurich in 1975 and PhD Utrecht in 2010. He has held successive posts within the Faculty of Veterinary Science of Lecturer, Associate Professor, Professor and Head of Department, then Guest Professor and Professor Emeritus. Apart from teaching and inspiring generations of veterinary students, he supervised 25 Postgraduates, each of whom continued to contribute further to research in his field of expertise. Over a period of more than 50 years Henk has authored and co-authored 89 peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals, 3 book chapters, 14 reviewed conference proceedings, and has delivered papers at 79 National and International Congresses. He has been active in 12 Societies and on 20 editorial committees.


These contributions attest to the high regard in which he is held by his peers and by the profession. His contributions to scientific knowledge through his research in his chosen field of reproduction in both domestic and wild animals has been immense and wide-ranging, especially his teamwork with others in contraception (including in elephants, mares and large cats) and fertility (including cheetahs and African Wild Dogs).

For his long and distinguished career which has delivered a sustained and outstanding contribution with a major impact on veterinary science, he is a very fitting recipient of the 2022 SAVA Gold Medal.