Having started farming in 1986, James Brodie (OK 1986) and son, Jonty (OK 2019) are leading from the front with their water harvesting methods.

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Abelusi Wool visited James Brodie (OK 1986) and his son, Jonty (OK 2019), on their farm Doornplaats, near Graaff Reinet. Their family started farming here in 1986.

James believes in stopping the drop where is lands in order to improve rainfall efficacy. He has a formal qualification in engineering and his context is quite simple. On his farm he annually harvests 30 million litres of water and 100 billion kW/h for free and uses the soil and grass to convert this into protein and energy that his adapted livestock in turn convert to meat and fibre.

These products are then sold to increasingly discerning clients or markets. James hopes to regenerate the land with livestock using sound principles to create Agri business that the next generation will want to be part of.

We salute James and Jonty on this innovative work!