Guy Bladen (OK 2007) joined the family farming business with his father, Geoff Bladen (OK 1974) in 2019, and together they have grown the business,and continue to go from strength to strength.

Adapted from Agri Eastern Cape Young Farmer article. (source)

This year, Guy has planted their biggest irrigation crop consisting of 25ha Cherry Peppers and 9ha Sweet Heart Peppers. All fruit is delivered and processed through Carara in Grahamstown.

To date, Bladen Farming has successfully delivered 21t/ha of Cherry Peppers and 19t/ha or Sweetheart peppers.

Further to the pepper’s, they also plant potato, butternut, maize and patty pans and have a commercial beef herd of 220 cows.

He is currently building and developing a new dairy farm in partnership with Richard Moss (OK 2005) of Moss Farming.

They hope to start milking from June 2023.

Well done Guy and Geoff, and we wish you all the best in your new venture with Richard and Moss Farming!