The annual South African Dairy Awards 2023 took place on Thursday, the 25th of May. Buster (OK 2006) of Cookhouse Creamery won a prestigious award after only five years in the cheese production industry.

The aim of the South African Dairy Awards is to recognise and reward the quality of dairy products. With over 900 entries from 68 producers, the competition is fierce!

Buster Brotherton (OK 2006), MD of Cookhouse Creamery was lauded at this prestigious event – winning a Qualité Award for their pizza mozzarella. A Qualité Award “is the only mark of excellence for dairy products in South Africa and is awarded to products of exceptional quality. Only a very limited number of products obtain this prestigious award”.

The Cookhouse Creamery was purchased by the Just Milk group in 2018. Under Buster’s astute leadership, his team has worked tirelessly to ensure its success. With only 5 years in the industry – this award is an exceptional achievement, and a very well deserved one! Well done to Buster.

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