Last week at the announcement and induction of prefects, Jaryd Botha was made Head of Chubb House – exactly 30 years after his father, Garry Botha (OK 1993) was awarded the same position.

Kingswood’s Golden Thread has weaved its way through hearts for generations. Every now and then, an extra special moment arises. Such a moment took place last week, when Jaryd Botha was made Head of Chubb House. Whilst this achievement is in and of itself a great one, it is made more poignant by the fact that exactly 30 years ago, Jaryd’s father, Garry (OK 1993) was also made Head of Chubb House.

As Jaryd begins his journey into his final year, we wish him well, and trust that like his father, he will be a wonderful leader in his house – we have no doubt that he will. All the best, Jaryd.