Today, the OK Club hosted its annual Matric and Gap Year luncheon at the Wyvern. This event has become part of the symbolic end to the Matric and Gap Year journey at school, and the beginning of their new journey as Old Kingswoodians.

This year, we welcomed guest speaker, Mrs Donne Roberts (nee Brotherton OK 2008). Donne not only comes from a long line of Kingswoodians (her children being the 5th generation in her family to attend Kingswood) but is also the Manager of Human Resources for Number Two Piggeries (Pty) Ltd. Group (South Africa’s largest pork producer and market leader within the pork and dairy industry)

Donne spoke to the Class of 2023 about the significance of privilege. We thank her for agreeing to join us, and for giving the Class of 2023 much to think about ahead of finishing their school career.

The Class of 2023 and invited guests enjoyed a delicious meal prepared by the Wyvern. The OK Club also used this opportunity to hand over the last of the OK Club ties and certificates to three pupils who were unable to receive them at the OK Club Tie Presentation Ceremony due to other commitments.

We thank the Class of 2023, for an amazing year, and we look forward to working with you in the future. All the best with the last of your exams.