Yesterday, the Kingswoodian Club hosted the annual Seniors Luncheon in Port Alfred. A wonderful time was had by all!

Every year, the Kingswoodian Club invites the local Seniors to attend the annual Seniors Luncheon at the Royal Port Alfred Golf Club. This year was again a very successful event, with over 40 Kingswoodians, past parents as well as past staff members in attendance.

College Head, Mr Leon Grove spoke to our seniors about the significant role that alumni play at Kingswood. He also spoke about the different challenges that our pupils face today. It was wonderful that he could join us, and we thank him for making the time to be there. 

The Royal Port Alfred Golf Club put on a marvelous spread for the guests. Thank you to Bram and his team for the delicious meal. 

An added highlight of the day was having the Kingswood Music School present. The Saxonette Group performed whilst all the guests were arriving. This was thoroughly enjoyed by all. 

This event is an opportunity for Kingswood and the Kingswoodian Club to honor our seniors and the significant impact that they have had in shaping Kingswood’s future. We thank you for joining us, and we wish you all a safe, blessed and happy festive season with your loved ones.