At the Old Kingswoodian Club AGM on Saturday, Mrs Dee Hobson and Mrs Tracy van Molendorff were presented with the prestigious Honorary Old Kingswoodian Award, for their exceptional service to the Kingswood and Old Kingswoodian Community.

On Saturday, the 16th of March, the OK Club held their AGM at the Wyvern. After a successful meeting, all in attendance welcomed two Honorary Old Kingswoodians to the club. This award was given to two much loved Kingswoodians – Mrs Dee Hobson and Mrs Tracy van Molendorff.

An Honorary Old Kingswoodian award is one of the highest honours bestowed upon loyal friends of Kingswood who are not alumni. Individuals chosen for this honour have given greatly of themselves in support of Kingswood, and the wider Old Kingswood community. They have served, promoted, developed and loved Kingswood in the tradition of an exceptional Old Kingswoodian, and are seen to have made a positive impact on the Kingswood community.

Welcome to the Old Kingswoodian Club Dee and Tracy, we are honoured to have been able to bestow these awards upon you.

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Mrs Dee Hobson
Mrs Tracy van Molendorff