Opening a world of opportunity

Give the gift of a Kingswood education

A lack of educational opportunity is arguably the biggest social challenge of our time so at the forefront of the Kingswood Foundation’s future plans is to grow the scholarship and bursary funds, widening access to the life-changing opportunity a Kingswood education offers.

At their root, our scholarships and bursaries enable us to ensure that deserving and talented pupils can enrol at Kingswood, regardless of their background or capacity to pay. Beyond this they represent something much deeper.

Inclusivity and diversity are cornerstones in the character of all Kingswoodians and the whole Kingswood community (and beyond) is deeply enhanced and enriched through a pupil body that more accurately reflects the world in which they live and the world that they will enter when they leave.

Give to the Kingswood Scholarship Fund Online

Or contact the Kingswood Foundation office ( to discuss opportunities to get involved. Whichever way you choose to give back and strengthen Kingswood, your generosity is appreciated.

The Legends Fund: together, we can make a difference

We understand the costs and pressures of life often make donating challenging, but we also know what magic can happen when a family comes together. For Kingswood the Legends Fund epitomises the notion that “together we are stronger”.

Help us as we harness the power of crowdfunding and transform a family’s life by giving their child the gift of a Kingswood education.

The Legends Fund is a bursary fund that specifically aims to recognise well-rounded young people of exceptional character who hold the potential to become remarkable Kingswoodians, leaders and role models. Children who embrace the spirit of what it means to be a Kingswoodian, and seek to make a difference in the world around them.

Through the Legends Fund you can give as little as R150 per month and know that, because of our collective giving, you will make a remarkable impact on a child’s life, who will in-turn enrich the lives of those at Kingswood, each and every time you give.

How to sign up?

South African Tax Payer Benefits

Note to South African donors: Kingswood College Trust has Section 18A status as a Public Benefit Organisation. This means that South African taxpayers may be eligible to enjoy a tax deduction from annual taxable income. All donors will be issued with a Section 18A tax certificate.

Where it all began...

Started in 2009 by a loyal group of Old Kingswoodians to raise funds to enable the son of a terminally-ill classmate to attend Kingswood, the Legends Fund quickly took on a life of its own. The goal of the Legends Fund is to build a meaningful reserve for Kingswood College from which deserving children can be assisted with bursary and scholarship support. Click here to download the brochure and learn more.