As part of our 125 days of doing something differently, we had our “Donate a Book” today at Kingswood College.

The books will form part of our newly launched Intsomi Reading Project library for our Kingswood support staff. Participants in this literacy programme are able to take out two books every two weeks to take home and share with their children.

Coordinator of the Intsomi Reading project, Ms Cathy Gush believes that “Parents are important contributors to their children’s literacy development, and the Intsomi Project aims to empower and build capacity in parents to play this role. It supports staff on campus but also extends it to their homes and families, and it is our hope that these parents will become literacy activists in their own communities.”

Thank you to our Kingswood family for supporting this great initiative today! The support we have received has been phenomenal.

While funding for the project has been provided by the Nal’ithuba Trust, anyone interested in donating books or providing any other form of assistance, can contact Cathy on

To read more about the Intsomi Reading Project click here: Kingswood Launches Intsomi Reading Project