The Kingswood College matric class of 2019 has produced some great results and achieved a 100% pass rate. The results produced by this year’s class reflect a positive step toward pursuing their chosen post-school careers.  

The class of 2019, gathered a total of 98 distinctions amongst themselves.

“We are proud of the class of 2019. We are not only pleased with the number of distinctions accumulated by the pupils, but are also extremely proud of those pupils who, as a result of their dedication, perseverance and with the help of our hugely committed academic staff, achieved well beyond our expectations. We wish our matric class of 2019 much success as they embark on their next chapter”. 

Mrs Tracy van Molendorff, Kingswood Senior School Head

The Kingswood College Dux Scholar for 2019, Françoise Marais, achieved an overall average of 86.42%. Francoise, who comes from South Africa, but who is currently living in Strasbourg (France), has obtained seven (7) distinctions for Afrikaans 1st additional language, Engineering Graphics and Design, English Home Language, Life Orientation, Life Sciences, Mathematics and Physical Science. Françoise was also in the top 1% for Afrikaans 1st additional language. Marais will be commencing her tertiary studies in September in Europe. 

Asked where she sees herself in five years time, Françoise said: “The world is changing so fast, it is almost impossible to determine where I will be in five years time. However, I know that as long as I work hard, and focus on being happy, the rest will sort itself out.”.

Rachel Strachan, who comes from Makhanda, has achieved an overall average of 81.3% with six (6) distinctions in Afrikaans 1st additional language, English Home Language, History, Life Orientation Life Sciences and Mathematics. Her thoughts on these final exams were: “The final exams were fair and not as daunting as I had expected”.  Rachel will be doing a Gap Year in the south of France before going to UCT to pursue her tertiary studies. 

Simeon Smit, who is from King William’s Town, achieved an overall average of 84.8%. He obtained five (5) distinctions for Afrikaans 1st additional language, English Home Language, History, Life Orientation and Music. Simeon will be studying Theology through correspondence with the South African Theological Seminary while working at a Church in 2020. In five years time he hopes to be pastoring full-time or be completing his Master’s Degree. 

Reatile Balopi (Gaborone, Botswana), Quinlan Caiger (Makhanda), Chloe Knight (Cape Town), James Lankester (Makhanda) and Henning van Zyl (Makhanda) all achieved four (4) distinctions each. 

Reatile will be taking a few months off in 2020 before starting university overseas and pursuing her law studies. Quinlan will start his first year at Rhodes University in Makhanda this year studying BComm Accounting. Chloe will be studying fine arts at UCT, James will be taking a Gap Year in England and Henning will also be taking a Gap Year in Spain this year teaching English and working with children.

“Kingswood College values academic excellence. So much goes into preparing for the Matric final examinations. Parents give support and our teachers invest time and energy hoping to bring out the best in each and every pupil and the pupils themselves give of their best to obtain the best possible results to enable them to pursue their chosen vocation. Grit, hard work, determination and focus are vital character traits that lead to success. We applaud our pupils for working hard. I need to commend our teachers for assisting the academically stronger pupils, whilst never forgetting and helping those that require extra support. These pupils also really excelled and we congratulate them.”

Dr Colleen Vassiliou, College Head