“…Taking care of the mind is equally as important as taking care of the body…”

At Kingswood we strongly believe that while our academic programme is our core business, sport is also an integral part of a Kingswood education.

With our teaching having moved online during the Covid-19 pandemic, we decided that it was vital that we move other aspects of our school programme onto a platform that could be accessible to our pupils at home during this time.

Many long hours over the holiday went into putting together a Kingswood College sport specific website for our pupils to draw from while they are at home.

Each individual winter sport as well as some of our summer sporting codes are covered on the website, and a general fitness programme is also given for our pupils to access.

Some of the reasons why sport is important:

  • taking part in sport helps improve physical as well as mental health
  • it empowers pupils with various life skills
  • it helps to foster leadership and teamwork qualities in an individual
  • helps develop self-discipline
  • helps boost self-confidence
  • keeps you fit and healthy

All of our coaches are working hard at putting together content for their respective sport and are also collaborating with each other on various aspects of how to go about teaching and conveying skills to our pupils via an online platform.

“Whilst our pupils can’t be with us, we value the importance of exercise and sport in their personal health and development. Keeping fit and healthy will extend to better concentration and mood during this difficult Covid-19 lock down.”

Mr David Wright, Senior School Head.