This morning we live-streamed our Spirituality Team Members’ Induction Service. COVID-19 has delayed this service but we were glad to finally induct and pray for those who serve in different ministries here at Kingswood.

The Chapel Stewards were inducted in October last year and we announced our leadership positions while we were still online, but we officially congratulated the following Chapel Stewards who serve us in three capacities (see main photo):

  • Head Chapel Steward: Lathitha Stamper
  • Deputy Head Chapel Steward: Azola Poswa
  • Communion Steward: Wanda Madasa

SCA (Student Christian Association) Committee

We then inducted the SCA (Student Christian Association) Committee. They meet every Friday night at 8pm and it’s for anyone in Senior school. The following people serve on the SCA Commitee for 2021:

  • Head: Ororiseng Cekwane
  • Deputy Head: Liyema Titi
  • Matthew Collett
  • Shiloh Nyakutya
  • Joffre Joubert
  • Kayleigh Smith
  • Nana Abebreseh
  • Skye Mackenzie
Student Christian Association (SCA) – Ororiseng Cekwane [Head], Liyema Titi [Deputy Head], Matthew Collett, Shiloh Nyakutya, Joffre Joubert, Kayleigh Smith, Nana Abebreseh, Skye Mackenzie (not in order of appearance)

Confirmation Mentors

The following people have offered to serve as mentors and co-mentors in our Confirmation programme this year:

  • Miss Sikelewa Gxotani
  • Mr Denham Shepstone
  • Miss Maka Makoni
  • Nana Abebreseh
  • Luke Kelly
  • Skye Mackenzie
  • Carla Bristow
  • Ben Hough

KWAM (Kids With A Mission)

KWAM (Kids With A Mission) is our Junior Youth Ministry and meets on Fridays from 6-7pm. KWAM Junior is for grades 1-4, and KWAM Senior is for grades 5-7. We are grateful for the following people have offered their time and talents to serve in this ministry:

  • Head of KWAM Junior: Wanda Madasa
  • Catherine Williamson
  • Araya Boetigger
  • Emke Klopper
  • Taryn Hurly
  • Tobi Kallague
  • Didintle Masie
Wanda Madasa [Head of KWAM Junior], Catherine Williamson, Araya Boetigger, Emke Klopper, Taryn Hurly, Tobi Kallague and Didintle Masie (not in order of appearance).
  • Head of KWAM Senior: Isca Nel
  • Azola Poswa
  • Faith Rautenbach
  • Izzy de Bruyn
  • Skye Mackenzie
  • Tricia Vassiliou
  • Buhle Belem

We pray God’s blessing over them as they live for the Lord and serve the Body of Christ in their various roles.

Isca Nel [Head of KWAM Senior], Azola Poswa, Faith Rautenbach, Izzy de Bruyn, Skye Mackenzie, Tricia Vassiliou and Buhle Belem (not in order of appearance).