Today, we stop to acknowledge the women in our lives.

As we celebrate Women’s Day today, a day which is dedicated to the upliftment and celebration of the achievements of women, may it also be a day where we continue to raise awareness against bias, and more importantly, where we reaffirm to ALL continue to find ways to take action to ensure equality for women EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Last year for Women’s Month, we did a number of profiles on Old Kingswoodian Women who have achieved in various spheres. We asked them what advice they would give to the young women of today. Today we reiterate the words of Old Kingswoodian, Yolisa Koza (OK ’94) who said: “…I want her to know that her gender doesn’t limit her opportunities, that she can become everything that she dreams to be, and be everything that she is destined to be…”

This year, a number of our young Kingswood men have decided to put together a video to honour, acknowledge and stand in support of their female counterparts. It is important for young men to be part of this process toward change. To support, to encourage, and to stand up to the injustices of our society when needed. May today be a day of self-reflection, one where both men and women think of ways to empower women so that they are able to take up space and have their voices to be heard.

Darius Govender, our Deputy Head Boy had the following to say: “Women’s Day should be celebrated every single day. We as young men need to acknowledge this and respect each and every single woman in our lives. Women play a crucial role in each of our lives from our mothers to our sisters and even to some, our significant others. They love and support us no matter what. The famous saying goes, ‘behind every successful man is a strong woman who holds it all together”.