On Sunday evening we held our Spirituality Team Members’ Induction Service in the Memorial Chapel. We are glad to finally induct and pray for those who serve in different ministries here at Kingswood.

The Chapel Stewards are inducted in October each year as the Matrics move into their final exams. There are a number of other teams that minister to the Kingswood community and these make up what we call the Spirituality Team.

Chapel Stewards for 2022

  • Head Chapel Steward: Skye Mackenzie
  • Deputy Head Chapel Steward: Nana Abebreseh
  • Communion Steward: Carla Bristow

Junior & Senior Chapel Stewards 2022

SCA (Student Christian Association) Committee

We then inducted the SCA (Student Christian Association) Committee. They meet every Friday night at 8pm and it’s for anyone in Senior school. The following people serve on the SCA Commitee for 2022:

  • Head: Shiloh Nyakutya
  • Deputy Head: Kayleigh Smith
  • Matthew Collett
  • Joffre Joubert
  • Nana Abebreseh
  • Skye Mackenzie
  • Chichi Chibesakunda
  • Nadia Scorgie
  • Georgia-Mae Botha

Confirmation Mentors

The following people have offered to serve as mentors and co-mentors in our Confirmation programme this year:

  • Matthew Collett
  • Araya Boetigger
  • Taryn Hurly

KWAM (Kids With A Mission)

KWAM (Kids With A Mission) is our Junior Youth Ministry and meets on Fridays from 6-7pm. KWAM Junior is for grades 1-4, and KWAM Senior is for grades 5-7. We are grateful for the following people have offered their time and talents to serve in this ministry:

  • Head of KWAM Junior: Emke Klopper and Didintle Masie
  • Tobi Kallague
  • Araya Boetigger
  • Taryn Hurly
  • Josh Hufkie
  • Leah Jonas
  • Sophie Randall
  • Jamie Lacey
  • Head of KWAM Senior: Skye Mackenzie and Catherine Williamson
  • Faith Rautenbach
  • Buhle Belem
  • Stanley Muranganwa
  • Aidan Fletcher
  • Rachel Field-Kozak
  • Jonny Phillips

Auditions for new members of the worship team will take place but the following people continue serving on the Worship Team:

  • Isabella Domingo
  • Sthando Mandlendoda

Sound Engineers

  • Skye Mackenzie
  • Joffre Joubert

We pray God’s blessing over them as they live for the Lord and serve the Body of Christ in their various roles.