There is something brewing in the Makhanda (Grahamstown) air and it is exciting!

We are in the advanced stages of formalizing a partnership with an English Premiership Club, Gloucester Rugby.

This mutually beneficial partnership will aim to help Kingswood attract boys who are interested in pursuing professional rugby. In turn, these players will receive first class training and mentorship while at Kingswood so that they can feed into the Gloucester Rugby Club in the UK once they leave Kingswood College.

The agreement is set to include Gloucester Rugby’s educational partners ensuring that there are opportunities for successful graduates to study at leading UK tertiary institution.

We look forward to working collaboratively with Gloucester Rugby by sharing best practice methods in the teaching, coaching and recruitment spheres.

…Kingswood College and the Gloucester Rugby Academy share a similar vision to create a lifelong love of rugby while advancing personal growth, valuable skills and an understanding of the core values through sport. Through participation in the team sport of rugby, we will look to enhance and cultivate teamwork, cohesion, and leadership…” – Gloucester Rugby

Gloucester Rugby also announced their partnership with us in their own news article which you can read at the link: Gloucester Rugby Academy for new relationship with Kingswood College, South Africa